September 18, 2012

The ABC's of Pre-K

I'm home again with my little man today. I can't believe I'm missing 2 days in the fourth week of school! I guess the good news is that I've had time to work on a lot of stuff that I would have been doing at 1am otherwise! Our pre-k parent meeting is this week, and I just finished typing the information packet for the parents. I decided to do "The ABC's of Pre-K" this year. And...I'm not gonna was a little challenging to think of something for all the letters! So, there are a few that are a little bit of a stretch, but it is all information that the parents need to have! I know I always like to see what other teachers give out to their parents, so I've put a link below for you to see what I'm giving to mine. Enjoy!


  1. PreK is one of the most interesting, exciting and challenging teaching opportunity a teacher can experience. Kids here are so curious and full of energy to learn anything and everything. They're like dry sponge...willing to absorb all the liquids around them. ABCs are the basic knowledge we can teach them, luckily you have created your own for students to try it out. I'm happy that I can across your blog and have learned so much from it.

  2. I love your idea for "The ABC's of PreK". It's very creative. I taught PreK last year. My parents would have loved it! Your blog is wonderful!
    Little Nippers