August 2, 2012

A Day at Home and Binder Covers

After a week and a half of working in my classroom, I decided to stay home and give my poor son a break! He's been at school with me every day that I've gone! He's been a trooper, but we are hanging out at home today.

But...that doesn't mean I'm not working on school stuff! I feel like I'm always working on school stuff! (I'm sure you know EXACTLY how that feels!!) I started this morning with organizing all the books I have double copies of. I've decided those are the ones I'm going to use for my take-home packs. I'm really in the processing phase of that project...trying to decide exactly how I want to do it and what I want to include. So, after I got the books organized, I switched gears.

I wanted to find some cute binder covers for my lesson plan notebook, assessment notebook, student information notebook, etc. I played around on TPT for awhile, but couldn't find anything that was exactly what I was looking for. I always do...I decided to just make them! I actually made five different ones, and I probably won't end up using any of them! ~sigh~ I might, but my room is all primary colors. I had to buy some sets of digital paper to make primary colored binder covers, but the Etsy store I bought them from emails them 48 hours after you buy them. Since I don't have them yet, I just started playing around with the digital paper I do have. The ones I ended up making are pretty darn cute! (Even if I do say so myself!) So, I decided to go ahead and post them on TPT. I did them as custom covers, so if you buy one, I'll add your text to it and send it to you! You can click on any of the images below to head over to my TPT store and check them out!

So...what project should I start on now??? Oh, yeah...laundry!!

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