August 6, 2012

Getting a Face Lift

Not blog! I really wanted my blog to be cute! I mean, it was OK...but just not really what I wanted. And, I didn't have any way to add all the extras to it since I was just using a free background that didn't have anything else available that matched. So, I started searching....and searching...and searching...and finding nothing that did it for me. (Now, let me clarify here that I was looking for FREE blog sets. I am a complete cheapskate!!) I even started looking at the blog sets that you have to PAY for! ~shudders~ But, come on! There is nooooo way I'm paying $80-$150 just to make my blog cuter! Especially when it doesn't make me any money!

So, like I always do, I set out on a mission to make it myself. After we got home from church, I spent my entire day on my computer trying, and trying again, and trying AGAIN to make something useable. I started by creating a new blog that I can only use for the purposes of trying things out, without worrying about screwing up what I already have. Google became my BFF as I was trying to figure out how in the heck to make all this happen! I found some great tutorials that helped me every step of the way. (Don't ask me now where they are! I used so many different ones, I couldn't even begin to find all of them again!) I would just Google, "how to _____ in Blogger," then click on the different sites that came up in the search results until I found what I needed. I already had some awesome digital scrapbooking sets that I found for FREE (my favorite word!!) at Grany Enchanted's site, so I got busy making a background, header, post divider, button, gadget headers, and favicon. I spent hours making an image, putting it on the faux blog to see how it looked, making adjustments, and trying again. And, as of about 2:30am...I think I finally have something I'm happy with!

I wish I could say this DIY project was as easy peasy as all the other things I've decided to make myself! I mean, it wasn't really difficult...just tedious. It was hours of repeated trial and error, and that can get very frustrating! I will say that if you aren't comfortable messing with your HTML code, you do NOT need to take this project on! There was a lot of HTML adjusting that went on! Personally, I really enjoyed it! I love doing stuff like this, which is why I was up half the night doing it!

I like the face lift my blog got yesterday, and I hope you do, too! I'd love, love, love to hear what you think about it!!


  1. Your hard work paid off. It looks great!

    Hooty's Homeroom

  2. I'm impressed. I could never do anything like this! I get frustrated just trying to make a button. Way to go!

    Teaching with Moxie

  3. Not sure if this is coming across right, but I like the "transparent" feel when you scroll. Like the words are dimensional. You did a GREAT job!


  4. Thanks for all of the kind words! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who likes it!! Especially after 14 hours on my computer making it! ~sigh of relief~